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Amar Dada 💓

It is just another Monday morning of 1996 in the city of Silchar, Assam.  The clock strikes 8! My brother and I have to rush to school. We don't want to be late again for our morning devotional class. Before leaving the house, I take one last look at my little sister and then myself in the mirror... Brushing against my school badge, "Omnia Vincit Amor". I wonder how Maa manages to make us look like human beings every morning. "Riki!!! Riki!.... aaarey dhaatt te Riki... taratari aaay naa, abaaar tor jonno deri hobe" (Riki, we will get late today as well because of you!) My brother yells at me while he hurriedly walks out of the house. As we step out, our voices chorus:  'Maaaaaaaaaaa, aschii; Babu aschiii...!!!' (Bye Maa, Bye Baba!) I run after him to match his stride. Somehow, the weight of the big school bag on my shoulders always seemed to slow me down. Or maybe it was my tiny legs! I wonder!! Just as I was adjusting my school bag... ' Ahhh, Aah

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